TN Group of Companies...
is an international alliance company consisting of different business segments such as TN Construction Company, TN Logistic and Procurement Services, Innovative alliance for Engineering, and architecture Services.

TN Construction Company has an extensive track record for the professional Management of global development projects in remote hostile areas where the presence of other companies is in jeopardy.

We provide our clients with the most up to date techniques in project planning, programming, management, administration and budgeting. Experienced international staff bring diverse talents to projects in challenging and difficult environments.

TN Group of Companies is firmly committed to serving our client’s needs. Our success has been proven by the record time completion of our projects and our ability to stay within budget in some of the most challenging environments.

Our customers and donor partners include top tier organizations involved with economic development such as US Department of Army, ISAF, the Italian Army, the Spanish army, and NAMSA.

TN Group of Companies is a US-based organization with International Headquarters located in the United States of America.

We do still own local branches in different provinces of Afghanistan where the operation of other companies is questionable due to security limitations.





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