Since 2002, TN GROUP OF COMPANIES has implemented
numerous infrastructure programs for various clients.
Below is a list of our Projects Archive:


International Security Armed Force

  • ISAF RC-West Camp Construction


ITALFORE Camp Site Management Cell

  • RC-West force protection phase I-III


  • Construction of ANA & ANP HQ West Bajqa Pipe Scheme in Bamyan


US Army Civil Affairs Team/CHLCC

  • Construction of new School single /two story buildings

  • Construction of new Clinic
  • Road graveling and culverts construction

  • Construction of Gabion protection walls

  • Construction of new buildings for government Afghanistan

  • Repairing and renovation of schools

  • Repairing and renovation of clinic

  • Repairing and renovation of governmental buildings


  • Repairing and renovation
    of schools

ITALFORE /JATF Camp Site Management Cell

  • RC-West Installation of single and two story buildings prefabricated units for the UAV

  • Concrete and Asphalt platforms

  • Construction of Tornado test engine area

  • Taxiway


  • Construction of new School’s single story buildings

  • Construction of two story buildings

Islamic Government of Afghanistan

  • Construction of new buildings
    for Ministry of Haj wa Awghaf



  • Construction of anti mortar building cover for Camp Arena FSB HQ


Spanish Ministry of Defence

  • Construction new vehicle hangar for OMLT Camp Stone

Recon International

  • Construction of Herat Runway Operating Surface

  • Construction of Concrete and Asphalt Parking and Aprons in Herat Camp Arena

  • Supply and Production of Anti-Blast T-walls for the UAV

  • Supply and Production of Gravel

  • Supply and on board production of concrete and asphalt in Camp Arena

  • Installation of Concrete & Asphalt plants ,year 2009 newly brand inside FSB Camp Arena

Technologists Inc.

  • Supply and Paving of HMA for 207th  Camp Zafar ANA Garrison road networks and Parking


  • Construction of Commercial Area inside FSB Camp Arena 3,600m2

US Department Of Army 
Afghanistan Regional Security Integration Command-West

  • Construction of secondary Road including graveling and culvert construction

  • Construction of pipe scheme

  • Retaining walls construction


ITALFORE Acquisition Office CAII

  • Supply of Hesco Bastion Concertina different Mils for all the Italian Army Bases

  • Supply of Barbed Wire for all the Italian Army Bases

  • Supply and installation of M3 Anti Blast Film for all Camp Arena’s Offices

  • Supply and installation of Proplast’s Bullet Resistant Glass for all Camp Arena ‘s Guard shacks

  • Supply Installation and activation of 20-600 KVA CATERPILLAR Power Generators


Indian Foreign Affairs Secretary Indian Embassy-General Consulate of India in Herat

  • Supply And installation of Hesco Bastion Concertina different Mils , Barbed Wire, M3 Anti Blast Film, Proplast’s Bullet Resistant Glassfor Guard shack.

  • Construction of Boom Barriers, Alaska and Jersey Barriers, Boulders, Anti mortar Guard shack

Central Asia Development Group -CADG

  • Rental of low and heavy equipment for the support of ground work missions in KAF,Leatherneck and bastion.

  • Long Term Partnership for Afghanistan operation.

Purdue University Advancing Afghan Agriculture Alliance -A4

  • Construction of Agricultural & Veterinary Researching Utilities and installations for Herat University


  • Kariz cleaning,
    35km road graveling.

US Army Corps of Engineers

  • Demining of W-917-PM-09-C-0036

  • Demining of SPRT-TO-13-DB24—2008

  • Demining of W917PM-09-C-0069

  • Demining of W917PM-09-C0072

  • Demining of W917PM-08-0002 0005

  • Demining of 43/ANP/DEMINING

  • Demining of W917PM-08-0002 0006

ITALFORE Acquisition Office CAII

  • Demining of Herat Airport over run area and Taxiway

  • Demining of Herat Runway


AMC Staging Yard

  • Graveling in Camp Mike Span Mazar-e-Shreef


AHA Fence Shindand Air Base




By having a specialized demining team with the full support of UNAMAC and the Afghan Demining Agency the Demining missions give full assurance, safety, and security to different clients in many parts of Afghanistan.











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